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What can funnel2go do for you?

Landing page

Create a dedicated, sales-oriented landing page for your service or product. The new landing page can use a new web domain or your existing one.

Split test

To be sure your landing page is okay. Redesign, split, and publish your landing page – and discover which one works best!

Sales funnels

Design your value leader with new ideas. Expand your services / products and offer them through new sales funnels. Offer your customers more!

Email list

Prepare dedicated emails you can use to inform your customers about novelties and new products throughout the year. Take advantage of Funnel2Go's built-in email autoresponder!

Online store

Increase sales. Find related products and offer them on your site. Build simple or more complex online stores with pre-built modules and use PayPal to receive payments.


Use Funnel2Go to automate your online business. Make your buying and upselling experience smooth and enjoyable.

Is Funnel2go right for you? Let’s see some Q&A!

I don’t have a web page. Can I still use Funnel2go?

Theoretically yes, but the URL will be from your funnel. For example, “”.
It’s better to have your own domain.

I have a web page, but no visitors. Can Funnel2Go help me attract more customers?

No. Sales funnels need web traffic (visitors) it can convert to customers. To get them, you should improve your SEO or use paid traffic.

I have a web page with traffic and active customers. Can Funnel2go help me boost my online business?

Absolutely. This is the primary objective of Funnel2Go. Check your value and do some upsells and down sales. Connect with customers using the integrated email autoresponder and start email marketing. You’ll see a significant increase in business. You might even double it!

I have a new domain, but don’t want to install WordPress. Can I still use your service?

Yes. You can build a landing page, add some upsells and down sales. Connect the integrated email autoresponder.
Check that everything is working properly. Copy the HTML of the entire funnel and transfer it to your hosting provider, where your domain is.
You now have a new landing page with all the funnels and email responders you created on Funnel2Go.

I already have a working web page and a solid business. Why bother with Funnel2Go?

It depends on the stage of your website. If you already use sales funnels, upsells/down sales, and email marketing, you don’t need Funnel2Go.

Can you explain the basic idea of the funnel2go?

The basic idea is to take your web page and squeeze it to the maximum by adding sales funnels, upsells, down sales, and email marketing.
You will significantly increase your sales. Unfortunately, most businesses still use web pages as a business card.
Let your web page do all the heavy lifting for you. Automate everything you can and concentrate on other, more important things.

What is an upsell?

Think of McDonald’s. When you buy a hamburger, they ask you if you also want french fries. This is upselling. The customer has already bought your product, but you offer them another one.

Is Funnel2go a web page builder?

Not really. You can build a simple web page, but it’s more a landing page and sales funnel builder.
The beauty of Funnel2Go is that it connects everything you’ve done to make it work more smoothly. Using just one sale funnel, you can build several landing pages with different products for upsells and down sales. Implement Paypal and connect it all together with different email autoresponders.
In the end, you can export the entire project as a new web page, or use the Iframe function and implement it on your existing web page.

Can you explain sales funnels?

You have different sales funnels options, but in Funnel2Go we’re talking about several landing pages with different products.
You then systematically guide your customer from one landing page to another, giving him/her various options to buy.
Remember, not every customer is the same. Some customers want more. Give it to them.

What’s the difference between a website and a landing page?

A web page is more company-oriented. It addresses who you are, where you can be found, and other information about your company.
Customers can get easily lost on your web page and go to another one.
A landing page is more product-oriented. It contains no unnecessary links (menus, About Us, Company, etc.).
On a landing page, you see only the product and a detailed explanation of how the product can help the customer.
Videos and graphs are very common.

Can you explain the meaning of the 10, 20, and 30 funnels?

One funnel is one sales process. With the first choice of 10 funnels, it’s possible to build 10 independent sales processes.
One sales process is usually a landing page with several subpages. In Funnel2Go, there are 10 subpages in one funnel. In these subpages you can build your upsells, down sales, thank you page, etc. Altogether, you have 10 sales processes.If you have more questions, please use contact form.

Can you show me the list of functionality?

Sure. Here it is :)
With Funnel2Go you can:

  • Build a landing page 
  • Create an opt-in page 
  • Build simple or advanced sales funnels 
  • Implement PayPal payment systems 
  • Split, redesign and publish all of your created pages and find out which ones work best – split testing 
  • Use integrated email Autoresponder for collecting emails in different lists 
  • Use Autoresponder (works with your SMTP) and automatically communicate with your customers all year round with pre-prepared emails 
  • Build different email lists for your customers, fans, clients, etc. 
  • Target different email lists with automated emails 
  • Prepare different sign-in forms for different occasions (name, surname, place, telephone, www, etc.) 
  • Build simple or more complex online stores with pre-built modules 
  • Easily embed all of your completed projects on your existing site with iFrame function 
  • F2Go is a multilingual system (currently ENG / SLO / IT) that can be easily and quickly translated into another language

8 reasons why you might like Funnel2go even more


You can significantly boost your online business for just $100 per year. If you’re an online marketer, you can build funnels for your clients.

Exp​and your creativity

Be imaginative and build your landing page. People subscribe to your web site because of your message, not because your opt-in page looks great.

All under one roof

No need for separate programs and websites for email responders, split tests, and building simple websites. Everything you need is right here.

As easy as coffee to go

No coding, programming, or past knowledge of website building needed. Everyone can get started with pre-made instructional videos and drag- and-drop technique.

Easy to translate

Don’t want an English website? No problem. Everything in Funnel2Go is made to be multilingual and is easily translated into the language of your choice.

Increase your income

Did you know that a simple upsell can increase your income by 20-30% – and sometimes even more?

Email autoresponder

Email marketing is still the best way to sell to existing customers. Use our integrated email autoresponder. It works with your SMTP.

Keep in touch

Let your customer know you. By building the right rapport, you’ll have a customer for life.

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